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How to get a lower rate on your home loan


You can save more than R220 000 if your rate is dropped from prime less 1% to prime less 2%, on a R500 000 loan, over 20 years. Here's how…..


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THE INSIDER:Bird brains take on the Telkom ADSL nerds


TELKOM ’s ADSL broadband service is expected to meet its match today in a contest with Winston, an 11-month-old homing pigeon with a memory card strapped to its leg.

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Capitalism II: The return


Over the last 18 months, capitalism has taken quite a battering, and many a commentator has heralded its demise, some more gleefully than others.


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Technology news - Mobile operators agree to drop rates


The Independent Communications Authority of SA (ICASA) says mobile operators have agreed to drop the termination rates by the beginning of February 2010.


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Still not business as usual


Mining may have been lifted by the global recovery since early this year. Electricity output may have been lifted by a mining pickup. And leading indicators may have….


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Like It Or Not, We’re All Entrepreneurs


There was a time when having a job meant having a job. Today, having a job is more like a temporary assignment.

I’m not saying this is good or bad. My point is that in order to buttress your ability to make a living you need to see yourself as an entrepreneur - YOU, INC. - an entity that is self-dependent and always looking to add value to its “product line.”

In this rapidly changing and increasingly demanding world, the only real safety net you have underneath you is what YOU, INC. can supply the marketplace. Your ability to survive and prosper depends upon your singular skill set, your knowledge and information, your network and access, and how you are perceived and believed.

After watching survivors and succeeders for twenty-five years, and reading everything on the subject I could find, I have made a list of ten ways to add value to YOU, INC. I will address each one in future posts. For now, here is the list:

1. Mobility - an ability to respond to a demand for your skills

2. Liquidity - staying power during times of adversity

3. Personality - an ability to get people comfortable buying from you

4. Access-ability - who you have access to, i.e., the depth/breadth of your network

5. Curiosity - a willingness to learn and accumulate information that can help you

6. Physicality - physical health that can carry you during times of challenge

7. Intensity - a work ethic that will fuel your persistence

8. Visibility - a willingness to self-promote so that buyers know what you are selling

9. Adaptability - a facility for and fearlessness about change

10. Integrity - a long-term perspective

All you really have is YOU, INC. Get comfortable with that fact and now move on to do everything you can to make YOU, INC. as valuable as possible.

Jim Randel is the founder and co-author of the skinny on™ series. His most recent book The Skinny On Credit Cards: How to Master the Credit Card Game is available at

Reposted by Mel Brooks with kind permission from Jim Randel