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How to get a lower rate on your home loan


You can save more than R220 000 if your rate is dropped from prime less 1% to prime less 2%, on a R500 000 loan, over 20 years. Here's how…..


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THE INSIDER:Bird brains take on the Telkom ADSL nerds


TELKOM ’s ADSL broadband service is expected to meet its match today in a contest with Winston, an 11-month-old homing pigeon with a memory card strapped to its leg.

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Capitalism II: The return


Over the last 18 months, capitalism has taken quite a battering, and many a commentator has heralded its demise, some more gleefully than others.


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Technology news - Mobile operators agree to drop rates


The Independent Communications Authority of SA (ICASA) says mobile operators have agreed to drop the termination rates by the beginning of February 2010.


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Still not business as usual


Mining may have been lifted by the global recovery since early this year. Electricity output may have been lifted by a mining pickup. And leading indicators may have….


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Coaching for Entrepreneurs


Starting and running a business is always stressful.  Becoming a successful business owner and manager means having to learn how to plan and manage the stress that comes with a new business.



The most stressful part of launching a business is?


Taking on a new identity.  And you do have to be someone different when you start a business.  The corporate professional has built in support - financial information, staff, secretary. There's relative safety in the corporation. But, for the entrepreneur there is no safety, no structure. Your business will be a reflection of you.



What strengths will you need?


You have to have vision, discipline and strong self-management skills. Raw talent and energy simply wont be enough. Every day will be filled with decisions about how you spend your time and money. If you don't have a clear plan for where you want the business to go, you can become scattered and unfocused, and that leads to stress. You need to be firm and confident enough to stay focused on your vision. You also need to know when to seek help - especially during the start-up phase.



How can you alleviate the stress of a start-up?


Stress management involves being clear about your boundaries - what's okay to do and what's not.

It’s a mistake to want to be everything for everybody. Setting boundaries could mean being able to let some business walk away. That's not easy. Setting boundaries also means ensuring a proper work/family/leisure balance. You dont need burn out. Your business must be a means to an end not your purpose in life.



How does professional coaching help the entrepreneur?


A professional coach focuses on who you are while you're becoming an entrepreneur. The key to success and stress reduction is having a strong personal foundation. An experienced coach will also assist in identifying key business problem areas and help you learn the tools to overcome them. A coach with business experience can assist you in evaluating your business plan and can act as an objective sounding board for your ideas.