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How to get a lower rate on your home loan


You can save more than R220 000 if your rate is dropped from prime less 1% to prime less 2%, on a R500 000 loan, over 20 years. Here's how…..


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THE INSIDER:Bird brains take on the Telkom ADSL nerds


TELKOM ’s ADSL broadband service is expected to meet its match today in a contest with Winston, an 11-month-old homing pigeon with a memory card strapped to its leg.

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Capitalism II: The return


Over the last 18 months, capitalism has taken quite a battering, and many a commentator has heralded its demise, some more gleefully than others.


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Technology news - Mobile operators agree to drop rates


The Independent Communications Authority of SA (ICASA) says mobile operators have agreed to drop the termination rates by the beginning of February 2010.


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Still not business as usual


Mining may have been lifted by the global recovery since early this year. Electricity output may have been lifted by a mining pickup. And leading indicators may have….


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Invest in yourself - develop your resources


Getting ahead in your career requires personal investment on your part. However, investing time and effort in upgrading skills and knowledge is not enough. You need to invest in a good network. A network consists of a wide range of people who will be willing to provide you with information at short notice.

How does a network fit into the scheme of your career? Everyone needs a core of expertise in order to get the job done, but to get ahead in your career, you need a much wider range of knowledge. Being a specialist in your field is well and good, but as you rise through the ranks of management, you need to know as much, if not more, than those who report to you in order to manage them effectively. A manager needs access to current information about a wide range of things. A well-developed network is the answer.

Being able to provide information gives you power. A subordinate may ask you for tax advice or have a legal query. By using your network, you become an information broker. Never claim to be an expert in all fields yourself. Your power comes from being the source of information.

How do you develop a network? Your network need not consist of people with whom you socialise. Engage in activities that expose you to people from other fields or organisations. Do this by taking part in the activities of business associations to which your company belongs. Mix with people from other departments and other companies. Hand out and collect business cards. It may seem like hard work, but this is all part of your personal investment. And the more you use your network, the more it will grow.

Your network can be the backbone of your power.