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How to get a lower rate on your home loan


You can save more than R220 000 if your rate is dropped from prime less 1% to prime less 2%, on a R500 000 loan, over 20 years. Here's how…..


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THE INSIDER:Bird brains take on the Telkom ADSL nerds


TELKOM ’s ADSL broadband service is expected to meet its match today in a contest with Winston, an 11-month-old homing pigeon with a memory card strapped to its leg.

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Capitalism II: The return


Over the last 18 months, capitalism has taken quite a battering, and many a commentator has heralded its demise, some more gleefully than others.


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Technology news - Mobile operators agree to drop rates


The Independent Communications Authority of SA (ICASA) says mobile operators have agreed to drop the termination rates by the beginning of February 2010.


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Still not business as usual


Mining may have been lifted by the global recovery since early this year. Electricity output may have been lifted by a mining pickup. And leading indicators may have….


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Individual Financial Coaching



There's a need for Individual Financial Coaching…


... because every business decision has financial implications


Many senior managers in technical or other non-financial spheres have had little experience in speak the language of business. Many also lack an appreciation of how their actions influence the organizations financial results.  While skilled in their particular discipline, they are lacking in commercial literacy.  To play a more strategic role in the business, they need a sound working knowledge of financial terminology and information.



Getting up to speed


One-on-one coaching offers a discrete and personalised solution. The manager's particular needs are assessed and a tailored response prepared.  They are lead through an appropriate selection of discussions and exercises that will clarify and put into context a wide range of essential financial concepts.


The overall aim is to provide the individual with the background needed to understand the impact of decisions made on the businesss profits and cash flow, and to be able to report on the performance of non-financial departments in financial terms.


Coaching Programme Structure


An initial two full days are devoted to providing an understanding of the following areas:


· how profits are made - the relationship between margins, volumes and expenses

· the effects of price changes on profit

· the difference between profits and cash

· the profit forecast and how to calculate break-evens

· the budgetary process and interpreting budget variances

· how to motivate requests for capital expenditure

· the cash flow forecast and the importance of liquidity

· the management of working capital (including credit management)

· accounting principles and how accounting works

· how accountants calculate profits

· financial statements and their interpretation

· the key indicators for checking the health of a business



A third full day is made available and may be taken up by a series of shorter consultations over the coaching period. Telephonic consultations to review related issues that arise are also part of the coaching service.


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