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How to get a lower rate on your home loan


You can save more than R220 000 if your rate is dropped from prime less 1% to prime less 2%, on a R500 000 loan, over 20 years. Here's how…..


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THE INSIDER:Bird brains take on the Telkom ADSL nerds


TELKOM ’s ADSL broadband service is expected to meet its match today in a contest with Winston, an 11-month-old homing pigeon with a memory card strapped to its leg.

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Capitalism II: The return


Over the last 18 months, capitalism has taken quite a battering, and many a commentator has heralded its demise, some more gleefully than others.


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Technology news - Mobile operators agree to drop rates


The Independent Communications Authority of SA (ICASA) says mobile operators have agreed to drop the termination rates by the beginning of February 2010.


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Still not business as usual


Mining may have been lifted by the global recovery since early this year. Electricity output may have been lifted by a mining pickup. And leading indicators may have….


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Let’s not talk ourselves deeper in to the dark


When do economies go into recession? When people say the will. So if Alan Greenspan, Warren Buffet et al say so then it will happen.
So the Dow goes down 5% in a day! For an index to move share sales (and therefore purchases) must take place. So someone is buying the shares. They must have a different take on where economies are going.
During the so-called world financial crisis a lot of people will be making a lot of money. These will be people who have not assumed the fetal position while at the same time having their heads in the sand.

“INGOLSTADT, Germany (Dow Jones)--Audi AG (NSU.XE) Tuesday said that 2008 net profit rose 32% year-on-year on the back of higher car sales, improved efficiency and a favorable tax regime, but the premium brand of Volkswagen AG (VOW.XE) said the auto industry's downturn will take its toll on earnings this year.
"Corrective action was taken promptly in an effort to lessen the anticipated impact of a cyclical downturn in demand on earnings" this year, Audi said in its annual report.
"Following a marked downturn in the global economy in 2009, markets will stabilize in 2010," it said.”

So while US automakers seek bail outs others move on and look ahead.
GDP figures are statistically compiled. Enough said!
Seek opportunities not the bogey man under the bed. He’s not really there.

BUT: Let's not squander a perfectly good crisis and go back to our old bad habits. Gary Borders